STC is now listed in the NQF Register

Institutional Listing Applications are processed by the Directorate of National Framework Operations (DFO)/the General Directorate of National Qualifications Framework (GDQ) of the Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA).

The Institutional Listing is defined as a process that ensures that an institution has established formal arrangements to maintain the standards of their national qualifications placed on the NQF and their learning environment. NQF is a mandatory qualifications framework as stipulated by the Royal Decree No. (83) of 2012.

"All education and training institutions are required to coordinate with the BQA to place their qualifications on the NQF, in accordance with BQA’s regulations" (Royal Decree 83, 2012)

Safety Training and Consultants Center (STC) sufficiently meets all of the Institutional Listing Standards, and thus the Overall Judgement is: ‘Listed’.