About STC


STC is an internationally accredited vocational training provider and consultation company established in the year 2000 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has since become the successful training and consultancy company that it is today providing comprehensive training packages backed up by actual hands-on experience, the aim of which is to enable trainees to apply the theories of various health and safety programs into ‘real-life’ practice.


To be the most preferred Training Solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


It is STC's objective to deliver the best training by expert trainers using continually developed programs of various sectors with a commitment to quality and facilitating customers’ learning needs and to further grow in our association with international academic bodies.


STC is a community of members and staff guided by the following values:

  • Experiential Learning;
  • Ethical use of power;
  • Creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice;
  • Diversity;
  • Continuous learning;
  • Colleagueship and Service;
  • Organizational excellence and quality.

Membership and Affiliations

STC is accredited by various international organisations such as:

  • The National Board Examination in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH-UK)
  • Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB)
  • Emergency First Response First Aid-UK (EFR-UK)
  • National Safety Council (NSC-US)
  • Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC-UK)

All STC courses are approved by the Ministry of Labour, Bahrain.

Training Professionals

Our training programs are handled by competent professionals, widely demanded in training centers of the same magnitude, who are not only experienced in the region but are approved by the international accreditation bodies as official tutors for respective courses. These trainers employ simple but high-tech and modern training methodologies to deliver programs tailored to suit the level of the learners anchored in a well-crafted training curricula which can be easily interpreted and understood.

Policies and Procedures

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